Our 10ft6in boards are great for cruzin the calm flat water or for getting out in the waves.

With 32″ of width and the rounder “Classic” nose, this shape provides the most amount of stability for these dimensions.

It will handle all flatwater conditions and is geared up for all the best surf adventures that are on the horizon.

Our 6oz Bamboo fiberglass sandwich deck is super strong and provide additional resistance to impressions.

A great all round SUP that holds great stability due to the 32 inches of width and the broader “Classic” nose.

This board is also setup for the surf with a double concave shape to the underside, thruster fin configuration and medium round rails that sharpen towards the tail.

This is the perfect shape for those that are seeking comfort on the water and also the ability to cover all conditions.

The square tail will provide the most stability in the surf and with additional skill, one can ride this SUP as a twin fin (no centre fin) for some extra fun.

Our Bamboo sandwich deck provides great strength for any impacts that may happen.