Bixpy Jet for Hobie Miragedrive


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The Hobie® Mirage Adapter clicks into the MirageDrive® Pedal opening of your kayak to replace the pedals with a Bixpy Jet. A Bixpy Jet can boost your kayak to speeds of up to 7 MPH (11 km/h), with 10 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. You control your Bixpy Jet with a wireless remote that is included with every Outboard Battery Pack.

Available on backorder


  • One Bixpy Jet Motor
  • Bixpy Outboard Battery Box
  • Bixpy Wireless Remote Control
  • The Bixpy cassette inserts into your Hobie® MirageDrive® opening
  • Fixed motor - steering is done using your existing Hobie® steering mechanism

* The Bixpy Mirage Adapter does not fit the mirage opening in Hobie Eclipse or Hobie inflatables kayaks and is only designed to fit Hobie roto molded kayaks with the Mirage Pedal system.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 2000 × 2000 cm