Bixpy Swim Jet – Snorkel Jet


Bixpy Swim Jet – Snorkel Jet – By connecting your Bixpy Jet to a Handheld Battery Pack, you hold the ultimate diver propulsion jet: the Bixpy Swim Jet. The Bixpy Swim Jet is unlike anything on the market. The Bixpy Swim Jet has three speeds – one for testing and blowing derby under water (for explorers) and two speeds for boosted swim. Everything is controlled using the magnetic trigger on the handle.

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One click and hold turns the system on, a second "click" on the trigger will start the motor at speed 1 a third click will take you to your first swim speed and one more click takes the Jet to its full speed. Once you let the trigger go, the system stops immediately. If you let the Bixpy Jet go underwater, it will float to the top slowly. A lower capacity battery (98 Wh) complies with regulations set by many courier to allow for more economical shipping of the Swim Jets.


  • One Bixpy Jet Motor
  • Bixpy Handheld Battery Pack - Snorkel Edition (98 Wh)
  • Bixpy Battery Pack handle attachment
  • Trigger with multi-click function on handle

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 2000 × 2000 cm